Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Diet Atkins menurut pendapat Kevin Zahri

semalam cik tanya kat kevin zahri kat facebook (pakar pemakanan tu, ala yg jadi cikgu fitness kat AF dulu tu) pendapat dia tentang Diet Atkins.

Cik nak share kat u all. manalah tau membantu. ni just pendapat. Jgn follower Atkins marah pulak erk.


Cik xxx
Apa pendakat Kevin tentang diet Atkins?

Kevin Zahri
Hello XXX, like any diet .... its really a personal choice ... what works for some, may not work for others .... now for Atkins, I personally feel that:

YES - you will lose weight as you cut out carbs completely. Carbs are the most dominant macro-nutrient in your diet.
NO - I dont think the Atkins diet is sustainable long term as carbs are much needed and bring you joy as well....

My advice: You can go on the Atkins diet for as long as you need 2 but be careful once you get off it coz otherwise you will just regain the weight semula ...Hope this makes sense.
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*gitulah yea. kredit thanx to kevin sebab sudi menjawab soalan tanpa sbrg bayaran. kata pakar pemakan yea dok.

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